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Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s sign the Kalkriese sky
Lighting Designer
Andre Flaßpöhler
Welzel Anlagen Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
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Despite the rain, more than 5,000 people came to watch the traditional “Osterleuchten”, the Easter pyrotechnic display at the Kalkriese park museum. Among the various lights, lasers and fireworks, the true stars were the new Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s. Well protected by coverings, the Alpha Beams drew clear shafts of light into the sky, showing off the extraordinary performance of this new generation of moving heads. 

The Clay Paky lights were provided by Welzel Anlagen Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH.: “We have been using the Alpha 700 line for six months and we can now report our first experiences and impressions,” declared Hartmut Welzel, director of Welzel Anlagen GmbH. “Right at the beginning of this year, these lights were put to the test on a four-week tour with 26 show dates. We were satisfied with their speed, reliability and mid-air projections with extremely bright beams.” 

Owing to its variety of effects, the Alpha Beam 700 is a very versatile Alpha 700 series model. The light generates a beam with splendid mid-air effects thanks to gobos and rotating prisms. At the same time, focusing and high quality optical components mean gobo projections are bright even at great distances. The Alpha Beam 700 may even be transformed into an efficient washlight using a linear frost system. The light beams may be pointed very quickly at the stage, at the audience or, in the case of open air events, up into the sky. 

Andre Flaßpöhler was the lighting designer and programmed the event with a full-size grandMA console. Marcel Holt dealt with technical implementation.