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Clay Paky and Blue Peter – Looking Sharp!
Lighting Designer
Lee Allen
Richard Martin Lighting
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New year, new presenter! Iconic children’s TV show Blue Peter this week welcomed the arrival of new co-host Barney Harwood. The 35th permanent presenter, Barney made his entrance on a motorbike, and that wasn’t the only thing making a huge impact on the show. 

Richard Martin Lighting has recently and enthusiastically purchased one hundred Clay Paky Sharpy spotlights. As the first rental house in the world to stock these award-winning units, RML continues to be at the forefront of the latest moving light technology. 

Lighting Director Lee Allen, who is continuously striving to bring a fresh and energetic look to the ever more contemporary show, was thrilled at the opportunity to use twelve of the lights on what would be their British TV debut.  

Weighing just 16kg, the tiny, 189W Sharpy produces a massive, parallel beam capable of outshining far larger fixtures with much higher wattages. The secret is a new optical design that creates a crisp, sharp, zero-degree beam – free of any fuzz or discolouration around the edges. The laser-like beam won an Award for Innovation at the PLASA industry exhibition last September, and the unit has since gone on to win wide acclaim and positive reviews from industry commentators in the press

When recently asked about the Sharpy, Lee said: “The light output from such a small package is amazing! The fast speed of movement was breathtaking! The lamps were small and discreet enough not to draw the eye in the set, but the effect they produced was gigantic!” 

To complete the lighting design, Lee also used Nova Flowers and Pixel Par 90s. 

The Sharpies also lit the show’s guest performance by Britain’s Got Talent winning gymnasts, Spellbound. The speed and power of the lights complemented the agility and energy of the acrobatic team to ensure viewers were treated to a real spectacle!