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Clay Paky goes clubbing in Monte Carlo
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Recently, the Grimaldi Forum hosted the inaugural Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS) – and Clay Paky was there with a bright stand.

The MICS show, held from 11 to 13 November 2010, proved to be a magnet for world-famous club brands, who came to look at the latest trends. Presenting a mixture of lighting, sound and design booths, the show gathered club owners, investors, DJs and designers from all quarters of the industry.

MICS Award

In addition to a stand, Clay Paky also designed and supplied the lighting system for the temporary 2,000 m2 MICS Club that was built in one of the exhibition halls. This club space was used as a demo room by day and as an evening venue for large events such as the award ceremonies and DJ competitions.

Clay Paky received an Award from the organisers for its ‘important contribution to the development of the club industry’. Monte Carlo made a very attractive location for the trade show, not least because of the glamour associated with the Mediterranean principality and its resident VIP population.

A dancefloor comeback

Clay Paky is still highly regarded as one of the original and most important developers of club lighting and effects. Pio Nahum, Commercial and Marketing Director at Clay Paky, believes that this market segment is currently being revitalized with new trends in club design.

“We’re beginning to see significant changes in the industry again. The trend for cosy little lounge bars, with smaller dancefloors and atmospheric lighting, has begun to run its course. There is a real search for new, more spectacular formats again – something that will attract a new generation who missed out on the experience of clubbing in the 80s and 90s.

“Additionally we’re seeing a trend towards staging live music in clubs – a response to the fact that the task of organising stadium concerts has become harder and more expensive.

“In lighting terms, this has led to a move away from the exclusive use of architectural lighting. Owners are requesting professional stage lighting systems and even asking for some of the old motorised effects such as the vintage AstroDisco. We are certain that the dancefloor is due for a big comeback.”

A proud history

Clay Paky first became a mainstay of clublife in the 70s and 80s with memorable products such as the Golden Scan, AstroDisco and the AstroRaggi. Now, a revitalised Clay Paky has taken the market by storm again, with the award-winning Alpha series of professional moving heads and in particular the ground-breaking Alpha Beams.

Based in the northern Italian town of Bergamo, Clay Paky has long manufactured products that engender affection among those who use them. With a design that set them apart from other manufacturers, Clay Paky revolutionised the disco and club scene during the 70s and 80s and provided early inspiration for many of the dynamic lighting designs of today.