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Clay Paky for Kaiser Showtechnik
Kaiser Showtechnik
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The Kaiser Showtechnik team recently went over to using powerful Clay Paky Moving Lights after purchasing some Alpha Spot HPE 1500s and Alpha Beam 700s

Company owner Maxx Kaiser explained the choice: “Clay Paky has continued the great success of its previous models with the Alpha 1500 line. Besides the enormous brightness of the Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, their other important strong points are the saturated colours, uniform colour distribution and harmonious colour reproduction throughout the whole dimming range, regardless of whether the light is concentrated or not.” 

The Alpha Spot HPE 1500 also has a 9:1 optical unit with wide beam angle from 6.5° to 56°, a rapid zoom (0.5 seconds to go from 6.5° to 56°) and an autofocus function that keeps the image sharp during the zoom. 

Maxx Kaiser was also enthusiastic about the Alpha Beam 700s: “The Alpha Beam 700 produces an impressive beam, which is clearly visible even in the brightest scenes. It also offers a wide variety of effects. Furthermore this moving light may be used as a blinder light or a searchlight with colour changing functions.” 

In the photo (from left to right): Thimo Kolonko, Maxx Kaiser, Benedikt Spreng and Florian Mair.