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Clay Paky with Laura Pausini
Lighting Designer
Francesco De Cave
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Clay Paky is one of the names that illuminated Laura Pausini’s 2009 World Tour – her fifth – which followed the release of the album “Primavera in anticipo” (Early Spring). The tour started from Brescia, Italy on 28 February 2009 and ended up in Milan, again in Italy, on 23 December 2009. It was the longest tour the singer had ever done in her whole career. 

She paid call on some of the most important European cities, then travelled through the United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, before concluding in Italy with twelve more concerts. At the end of the tour, Laura Pausini released her third live album Laura Live World Tour 09, which contains tracks performed and recorded in each of the various cities on the tour. 

Among the lights on the set, lighting director Francesco De Cave used Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s as motorized ACL effects.