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Clay Paky lights up the 11th Chinese National Games
Lighting Designer
Weng Chun Pu
ACE / Bejing-Color
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In Beijing, on the evening of October 16, 2009, the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games of the People’s Republic of China was a great success. Organizers used a number of high-tech effects which made the National Games a feast for the eyes. 

There is no doubt that the “Huge Bowl” in the stadium centre, recalls the Scroll at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The “Huge Bowl” picture changes with each changing theme, just like the moving picture of the Scroll at the Beijing Olympic Games. 

The National Games opening ceremony used 2500 lighting fixtures. This number exceeds those used in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony, and comes close to the Beijing Olympic Games. 

7 grandMA Full Size sets and 40 NSPs (Network Signal Processor) were used for this ceremony, more than 40000 control channels.  Programming time for the current show was really time consuming. After the successful opening ceremony, Weng Chun Pu, as a lighting designer and chief programmer for Beijing-Color’s vice president said “All MA equipment provided an outstanding performance and stability. Without the MA, I would have had to abandon scheduled work”. 

The decision to use the ClayPaky Alpha Beam 1500 was taken two weeks before the opening ceremony. The reason for such an emergency decision is linked to its amazing brightness and special effects. The first design used a searchlight as a beam playing under the ceiling, but the uneven blending of domestic searchlights, poor upside-down hanging stability, made lighting designers abandon the plan to use a searchlight. Beam 1500’s ultra bright brightness and ultra long beam were really impressive when it arrived on the scene; 32 light beams like a sky sword. No more trouble with searchlight movement; no need to worry about frequent failures due to hanging problems any longer as the Clay Paky Beam1500 is so very strong!