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Clay Paky selected to light Al Murray comedy quiz show
Lighting Designer
Chris Kempton
Richard Martin Lighting
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After his sell-out success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it was just a matter of time before Britain’s most notorious pub landlord, Al Murray, was given his own TV game show. Now the British stand-up (or rather his beer-swilling alter-ego) is hosting his own pub quiz on UK comedy channel Dave. 

The game show, a parody in which contestants compete for the grand prize of a £3.99 frozen chicken, features lighting designed by lighting director Chris Kempton and supplied by Richard Martin Lighting (RML). 

Chris Kempton’s lighting specification relies on a wide and varied selection of equipment including a range of Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s, Alpha Wash 1200s and Alpha Wash 700s

In use for the first time was a new chrome version of the Alpha Beam 700. Developed for TV sets and interiors, the shiny chrome finish is designed to help the luminaire become less visible to the eye by reflecting light and blending into its surrounding environment. 

The Alpha Beam 700 has become one of the most popular tools for television lighting work in the UK and abroad. It produces tight parallel beams that show up extremely well on camera – even on the type of modern stages that are awash with high intensity LEDs. The spotlight is also known for its smooth and precise movements, which give designers the confidence to use them in the most demanding and high profile shows. 

The aptly named Compete For The Meat show will be aired on the 17th May 2011 at 10pm.