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The Clay Paky Sharpy at the Festhalle Frankfurt
Lighting Designer
Marcus Krömer
PRG Köln
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Use of Clay Paky’s new Sharpies aroused great interest at the annual meeting of a German financial services company at the Festhalle Frankfurt.

Lighting designer Marcus Krömer explained why he chose Sharpies: “I needed four spotlights for an already crowded stage. Sharpies were just right for their size, light weight and above all for their performance, which was perfectly in keeping with our needs. I was able to try out these wonderful gems of micro-engineering created by Clay Paky, and they gave sensational results. The Sharpy’s tracer beams did not cut a poor figure, and indeed in some ways they gave more effective results than the Showguns installed along side. In this situation, the Sharpy was able to stand out over the others.”

The height of the structure meant using powerful tracer beams. For this reason Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500s were used as show lights inside the LED cylinder, together with the other lights. Krömer controlled the lights with a grandMA2 light and grandMA full-size.

Bernhard Settele was in charge of design, and Ben Busch and Oliver Over were the gaffers. Michael Baganz, Sascha Matthes and Tobi Petzold programmed the lighting, and Markus Kalwinsky and Rene Schönfelder, the video. Placet was the agency in charge, and Zweiplan, the technical agency. PRG Köln provided the lighting equipment.

Clay Paky and MA Lighting are sold in Germany by Lightpower, the sole agent.