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Clay Paky at the Spanish Riding School "Fête Impériale"
Photo Credits
ppa. Herwig Knyrim BA Hons
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A good 2,000 guests and VIPs celebrated the “Fête Impériale” in Vienna with a night of unbridled dancing. One of the purposes of the fête, which took place in the rooms of the Spanish Riding School, was to improve the financial situation of the school, home of the Lipizzans. We do not know if the event will take place again next year too, but the project managers have confirmed that this year’s Fête Impériale was a success. Clay Paky and MA Lighting also contributed to the outcome of the event.

The project manager Herwig Knyrim BA hons. chose to use equipment including Clay Paky Alpha 300 moving heads, an MA Digital Dimmer 12 X 2.3kW and a full-size grandMA2. With the grandMA2, lighting operator Jan Sedivy was able to stage-light the Imperial Stables and control most of the 100 moving heads, 90 fixtures, 200 PAR spotlights and the 12 LED ramps.

“We used a grandMA2, because it is an extraordinary, extremely powerful panel. It is not only user-friendly, but also conveys a strong sense of security. Everything worked perfectly and splendidly. I liked the Clay Paky lights for their variety of effects, reliability, the quality and brightness of their light, and the ease with which they may be handled.”

Manuel Engelberger was the operator for the Imperial Winter Riding School. The local company Tent & Technic took care of the general rigging.