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Clay Paky takes part in Berlin's Christopher Street Day festivities
Lighting Designer
Jonas König
Photo Credits
Doreen Schwerin
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Christopher Street Day (CSD) was conceived by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as a day of celebration, commemoration and demonstration, and has become a fixed date on the events calendar in several large German cities. Besides Cologne, the most important location for this event is Berlin. The rights of the LGBT community are asserted and celebrated on the Day, and an appeal is launched to fight against discrimination and ostracism. Over 600,000 people took part in the closing Christopher Street Day 2010 parade at the Brandenburg Gate. Clay Paky and MA Lighting played an important role in the event.

Project leader Silvio König explained the lighting design: “Schalldruck GmbH have been consultants for the closing Christopher Street Day parade every year since 2004. Owing to restoration work at the former location of the event, the Victory Column, the parade was held this year at the Brandenburg Gate. A fairly classic rock´n´roll setup was created for the show, since both DJs and bands performed on a stage. The CSD logo and the Brandenburg Gate were also both incorporated into the design.”

There were 16 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700s and 7 Clay Paky Golden Color 1200s among the lights installed on the rig.

König spoke highly about Clay Paky’s Moving Lights: “We have only been using Alpha Spot HPE 700s for a short while. They are very interesting, above all for their compact size and light weight. Their projection and brightness are first class. In short, I can say that we were very pleased with the equipment concerned and there were no breakdowns.”

Jonas König was the lighting designer and operator, and Marco Hoch, the lighting technician. Schalldruck GmbH provided the sound and lighting equipment.