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Clay Paky accompanies In Extremo on a journey through time
Lighting Designer
Stephan "Faren" Matern
Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
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Germany – In Extremo was founded in 1995 in Berlin and has become one of the most successful bands in Germany thanks to their mix of medieval and rock music. The over one million records sold and numerous national and international tours are a measure of the popularity of these versatile musicians. In addition to an electric guitar, a bass and drums, the band relies on instruments like the hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, the shawm, the nyckelharpa, the harp, the cittern, the tromba marina, the hammered dulcimer, the tabla, the davul and the klangbaum, which make their sound unique and original.

Stephan “Faren” Matern
has been In Extremo’s lighting designer for years, and also took care of their recent “Kunstraub” tour. Among the equipment he used for his lighting design were 1 Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs and sixteen Clay Paky Sharpy Beams. “The Alpha Spot QWO 800 ST is a superlative moving light”, Matern exclaimed. “It is fast, small and lightweight: just what we needed for a tour that took place in arenas full of between 2000 and 3000 people, with very few hooking points. On top of that, I am a big fan of its animation disc, which can be used to create really amazing effects. I am also highly impressed with the image quality, with well-defined outlines.”

“I used the Clay Paky Sharpys above all for ACL effects”,
Matern continued. “The definition of their beam is simply staggering. All the Clay Paky lights won me over for their very high quality. We did not have the slightest problem with them!”

As regards the lighting design, Matern had very clear ideas: “In Extremo’s musicians stand right in the middle of the stage, so I did not have to create a dynamic light show. I needed to accompany the music with highly impressive static lights to support the music rhythmically and give it special lighting emphasis.”

Rolf Schütte was lighting and rig technical manager for Dimmercity. Andrej Oertel was the lighting technician. Black Box Music provided the lights.