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Clay Paky Alpha 1500s to the Extreme with Nitro Circus
Lighting Designer
Paul Collison
Neg Earth
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The Netherlands – Lighting designer Paul Collison used the full power of the Clay Paky Alpha 1500 range to light Travis Pastrana’s daredevil sports troupe Nitro Circus during their explosive show in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

The thrilling two–hour spectacle featured gravity-defying stunts from 20 of the world’s leading athletes in motocross, BMX and Skating. Collison captured the action using Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500s, Alpha Wash 1500s and Alpha Spot HPE 1500s.

“Nitro engaged me on the understanding that I would bring a little bit of ‘theatre’ to the show lighting,” explains Collison, “The challenge with this is integrating a theatrical aspect, whilst making sure the riders can be seen and also that they have clear visibility. You cannot plunge someone into darkness or impair their vision when they are spinning upside-down 15 meters in the air – there is a huge element of trust involved from the riders. I needed fixtures that were absolutely reliable and very, very bright as our performance space usually comprises an entire arena floor and up to 15m above it and the Clay Paky fixtures performed their roles flawlessly”

Hire company Neg Earth supplied Collison with 48 x Alpha Wash 1500s, which he used to to light the stadium and tracks as well as 11 x Alpha Spot HPE 1500 and 40 x Alpha Beam 1500s for aerial effects and key light to the stadium floor.

“The Alpha Beam 1500s are amazing,” continues Collison. “They cut through the bright wash from the Alpha Wash 1500 and allow me to add colour and movement to the show. The fact they colour mix allows me to transition between the colours nicely, and the frost feature even allows me to use them to plug some gaps in the wash from time to time.”

The entire Clay Paky Alpha 1500 range is designed with power and versatility in mind. Both the Alpha Beam 1500 and Alpha Spot 1500 have extensive effects systems, CYM colour systems and provide designers with a bright, reliable light source.

And Collison agrees: “The Clay Paky fixtures were great – in addition to being incredibly bright, punchy fixtures, the best part of this tour was the reliability we got from them. We swapped out only two or three fixtures during a five-week tour, which is usually unimaginable. I am extremely pleased with their performance.”

After finishing its 2013 European Tour Nitro Circus will be visiting the stadiums across North America, Mexico, South African and Australia.

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