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Clay Paky among the leading lights at the Volkswagen Night in Beijing
Lighting Designer
Kleine-Herzbruch (RGB GmbH)
Leyendecker GmbH
Photo Credits
Amanda Holmes
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The Volkswagen Group presented an exclusive preview of its latest models at the first Volkswagen Group Night in China, which was held recently during the “Auto China 2012” exhibition at the Beijing Olympic Swimming Centre. Over 1700 guests turned up for the one-hour event, which took place the evening before the opening of the motor show. The event was planned and coordinated by Filmtec Media GmbH, on behalf of Volkswagen Kommunikation, and technical direction was entrusted to Martin Kuhn.

78 Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500s, 24 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, 14 Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s, 32 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s and 18 Clay Paky Sharpys were used at the event together with other lights.

Kuhn explained the advantages of using Clay Paky moving heads for this Night: “The Clay Paky range has been highly successful at this type of event in recent years, and I agree with lighting designer Kleine-Herzbruch when he says that they are currently the most efficient lights available. Furthermore, they stand out for their high reliability. We had no failures or problems.”

“The Sharpys were the icing on the cake. We used them for several reasons: first because they allow you to achieve effects that are not possible with other lights on the market; second because we had to pay attention to weight since we were near the rigging capacity; and third because the rig was suspended at a height of 18 m, ideal for the Sharpys’ ultraconcentrated projected light.”

The lighting was designed by RGB GmbH, Lutz Kleine-Herzbruch. Light and sound production company: Leyendecker GmbH. Architects: Feld & Team. Video production: AVE Verhengsten. FlashArt was responsible for the special effects, lasers and water, and SchokoPro for the kinetics.