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Clay Paky and AIDI ask young people to discover light
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“Riprendi-ti la città. Riprendi la luce” (Film your city. Catch the light), the first Italian amateur video competition aimed at young people, will be presented to the press on 21 November. It is organized by the Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (AIDI), and sponsored by Clay Paky as part of its programme to promote the “lighting culture”.

Natural and artificial light is a constant presence in everyone’s lives and it has important effects on our physical and emotional well-being. Yet few people are aware of it. This contest has been sponsored by numerous important institutional and academic bodies and aims to create greater awareness among young people of the importance of light. It invites them to make a sixty second video clip in which the light in their daily lives plays the leading role.

Clay Paky, the world leader in stage lighting, has decided to be one of the main sponsors of this initiative, precisely because it is addressed at the world of young people, who are one of the main audiences for Clay Paky’s “dynamic lighting”.

Pio Nahum, Clay Paky’s Marketing Director, said: “Young people go to many shows and events lit by our lights in Italy and the rest of the world; not just concerts by big music stars, but also important theatrical performances and sporting events of all kinds.”

Clay Paky lights illuminate many of the public spaces whose colours and ever-changing atmospheres the contest asks young people to “catch”:  places of leisure, culture and activity. Nahum continued: “While many people see lights as merely practical since they allow you to see and exhibit, lights for Clay Paky are primarily a means to arouse emotions, and this is where Clay Paky and young people are on the same wavelength.”

The “Riprendi-ti la città. Riprendi la luce” competition is the latest cultural initiative the Bergamo-based company has been involved in. Others include the stage lighting courses organized in cooperation with various universities and technical institutes, and a packed programme of conferences with internationally famous lighting designers. The aim is always to acquaint young people with a world of career opportunities they often know nothing about.

The video contest press conference will be held at the Triennale di Milano at 11 am on Thursday 21 November . For more information about the contest, see: