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Clay Paky at Circus Roncalli
Lighting Designer
Björn Hermann
AVM Event GmbH
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Germany – When Bernhard Paul and André Heller founded Circus Roncalli in 1975, they certainly did not expect to reach such great success. Their first tour began with a world premiere in Bonn on 18 May 1976. Over the years, Circus Roncalli has always been committed to maintaining the classical circus tradition, and its numerous successful tours in Germany and abroad are proof of the exceptional quality of its shows.

The circus was hosted yet again this season by the Musical Theater Bremen for the event “Roncalli meets Classic”. During the show, the acts are accompanied by the sound of the Norddeutsche Hanse-Philharmonie (North German Hanseatic Philharmonic). The audience enjoyed a show consisting of several performances revolving around a common theme: “fire and ice”. They involved top artists and a sophisticated lighting design.

As in previous years, the equipment was provided by AVM Event GmbH. Several Clay Paky lights, including 36 A.leda K10s, 28 Alpha Spot HPE 700s and six Alpha Wash 700s, were installed along with other equipment.

Managing Director Jens Wiegandt was extremely happy with the lights, especially the Clay Paky A.leda K10s. “The A.leda K10’s brightness is unmatched. Despite its compact size, it is a really efficient wash light. It is also impressive thanks to its excellent colour rendition. Furthermore, these lights are surprisingly lightweight and are perfectly suited to places of this kind.”

The lighting design manager was Björn Hermann. Lighting technicians: Sebastian Waack and Sven-Malte Bößler. Organizer: Semmel Concerts.