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40 Years of Clay Paky: preserving the past and celebrating the future

Having been founded on 28 August 1976, Clay Paky is thrilled to be celebrating its 40-year milestone at ProLight+Sound 2016.
The company’s history, during which its true passion for entertainment lighting and commitment to the industry has been unwavering, is a fascinating journey marked with many successes. With a strong sense of pride for the achievements of the past, Clay Paky continues to look to the future, merging knowledge and experience with the technology of tomorrow to ensure success in the coming years.
Clay Paky welcomes visitors to the Clay Paky Universe and invites you to get up close and personal with its broad portfolio of trailblazing creative tools.

Scenius Profile: Maximum versatility of use for a higher quality light

Clay Paky launches the SCENIUS PROFILE, the new beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. Its advanced optical unit and the 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide very high light output and an excellent CRI. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoiding the typical hotspot effect of many spotlights.
The Scenius Profile framing system consists of four independent overlapping blades which create shapes of all sizes and proportions by working simultaneously on four different focal planes. Thanks to its wide 8°-50° zoom, Scenius Profile is perfect for every set. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous efficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project, and the focus may be set to be fully automatic. The CMY color system, the linear CTO, 7 fixed colors, 14 gobos (6 rotating + 8 fixed), rotating prism, 2 variable frost filters, a very precise dimmer enhance the performances of this luminaire.

Hepikos: A washlight that combines low power consumption with color quality

The Hepikos is an advanced washlight that combines low power consumption with color quality, without compromise. The light is built around a new, extremely bright 700 W Osram lamp, and has a 5-40° zoom which provides a bright, uniform wash effect at maximum beam angle.
The color production system includes a CMY color mixing consisting of three wheels entirely devoted to producing single colors, as well as two color wheels, each with 8 filters
Thanks to its PC front lens (Ø 185mm) and narrow 5° beam angle, the fixture can also produce a sharp, thick beam, which can be used for striking, colored aerial effects. Some devices have been specially designed to enhance the features of  this product: a mechanical iris, a four-faced interchangeable rotating prism, a soft-edge frost.
Hepikos is ultimately a hybrid beam/wash light, where both functions are optimized, rather than one weakening the other. It is perfect for complementing the beam/spot effects produced by the Mythos, with which it shares the same chassis and the same 7800K lamp color temperature.

A LED bar turns into a brand new multi-beam effect light

The SharBar is an advanced moving LED bar with features that transform it into a brand new multi-beam effect light. It fits six brand new powerful OSRAM Ostar RGBW LEDs with a power rating of 30W, but taking up the same amount of space as an old 10W LED.
It is equipped with a motorized optical zoom capable of a minimum beam angle of only 2°. Thanks to its extraordinary lenses, the SharBar is able to produce six very narrow, dense light beams, shooting parallel rays of light into the air. No comparable LED bar is able to produce a similar effect. The SharBar may also be used to create sharp effects even when projected onto a surface.
But there is an even more surprising feature! The optical unit coupled to each LED consists of a motorized system with double mirror. This means each beam of light may be directed independently of the others, thus adding a further degree of freedom to the bar besides the tilt. Each of the six light beams can move or be locked within a 60° (+/-30°) cone. Thanks to this ingenious, original optical unit, the LED bar produces an effect similar to six separate lights, which can work synchronously or asynchronously with respect to each other.
Featuring even RGBW color mixing, linear CTO, 0-100% dimmer and 24 Hz strobe (1-20 flashes/second), the SharBar produces truly innovative lighting effects and stands out for its high light output and extremely concentrated or diffuse beam. It is compact and durable, and weighs only 15 Kg (33 lbs).

Turn architecture into a show

City beautification is now a global phenomenon involving ever greater numbers of lighting professionals. It is often supported by local governments, which see it as a way of making their cities more attractive and strengthening their relationship with their citizens. Clay Paky has extended its product range with a line of lights for architectural use, with the intention of widening it with other architectural lights in the near future.

Odeon is a series of pure architectural lights (IP66), which are designed for architects on the basis of their requirements and their needs. They come in two main versions – flood and linear – in a range of more than thirty models. They are available with 15°, 25°, 45° optics and RGBW, Tunable White and Total White configurations; also, they  may be further customized in terms of size and finish.

Enter the world of Clay Paky Architecture: seduce with the power of colors and add a touch of glamorous light to your architectural monuments and buildings!