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Clay Paky at the Wolfsburg water and fire show
Lighting Designer
Andreas "Mini" Mertens
Lleyendecker GmbH
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Germany – This summer water was the real star at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, where the largest water show in the world, called “Made in Germany”, is produced and choreographed. Four performances were held during the week, each one consisting of extraordinary effects using more than seventy metres of fountains and fifteen metres of firework displays. All accompanied by an amazing light show.

The lighting designer Andreas “Mini” Mertens used eighteen Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s, fourteen Sharpy Washes, thirty Sharpys, a grandMA2 full-size and two MA Network Processing Units (NPU).

On the subject of event lighting management, Mertens said: “we placed moving heads in special floating housings on the surface of the water, so that they fit in with the two elements, water and fire, to create effects very similar to constellations. A complete 3D model of the outdoor Autostadt¬† environment was built on the grandMA for the rig so that we could program everything at any time and in all environmental conditions. Furthermore, we could see all the different audience angles on the display.”

Lighting engineering manager Nico Eishold was aided by the on-site technicians Lars Inden, Jörg Olms and Heiko Steffen. The lighting material was supplied by Lleyendecker GmbH.

Aquatic Show, LunatX and LiveAudio dealt with the technical show production.