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Clay Paky B-EYE creates beautiful projections at the Belarusian TV Awards
Lighting Designer
Kirell Zelenko
Blackout Studio
Photo Credits
Blackout Studio
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Belarus: Clay Paky’s unique multi-zone A.leda B-EYE was the ‘star of the show’ at the recent Belarusian TV Awards beaming complex aerial effects as part of a lighting design by Kirell Zelenko.

TV LD Zelenko worked with assistant lighting designer Ilya Piatrouski of Minsk-based production house Blackout Studios to design a rich, glittering light show for the popular annual event – now in its tenth year – which celebrates the best in Belarusian television.

“We needed to create a balanced design that actually enriched the video mapped elements occurring on stage,” explains Piatrouski. “The lighting needed to be effects based as well as practical to create the sumptuous, detailed look we were after.”

Zelenko and Piatrouski specified a host of Clay Paky fixtures for the ceremony, including 24 x A.leda B-EYE K20, 12 x A.leda Wash K10, 24 x Sharpy, 20 x Sharpy Wash 330 and 16 x Alpha Spot HPE 1500. All fixtures were supplied by Blackout Studio.

“The B-EYE was the show’s star fixture,” continues Piatrouski. “We used it to create complex projection and aerial beam effects across the stage. The mini-hexagonal shapes contained within the B-EYE’s overall rotating front lens complemented the honeycomb shapes of the onstage projection screens. This allowed us to create similar looks at varying levels and sizes across the stage.”

The 12 x Clay Paky B-EYEs made up the event’s curved ground package that sat below the two large onstage projection mapped screens. The B-EYEs beamed jewel-like effects out towards the audience, mimicking the colours and speeds of the projection-mapped content taking place above and behind them.

“The B-EYEs are more flexible than other LED wash lights,” continues Piatrouski. “They give you a whole set of other features that no other light on the market can provide.”

As well as the multi-award winning B-EYE, Clay Paky Sharpys were also used to provide powerful beam effects across the back wall of the stage.

“Using the Clay Paky fixtures we were able to add another dynamic dimension to the stage’s back wall,” continues Piatrouski. “We then used the Alpha Spots and Sharpy Wash 330s to light the action happening across the stage. The lighting needed to be spot on, with strong fixture outputs for the video cameras – Clay Paky did not let us down.”

‘Televershina’ is Belarus’s national annual TV Awards event. Performances on the night included a ballet recital taken from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and choral performances made up from famous Belarusian dancers and singers.