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Clay Paky congratulates Russian partner DOKA on 25th anniversary in Moscow
Lighting Designer
Alexander Sivaiev
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Russia – Italian entertainment lighting manufacturer Clay Paky has congratulated its long-term Russian distribution partner DOKA on 25 years in the business at its annual seminar in Moscow.

More than 300 movers and shakers from the Russian entertainment technology industry attended the 7th annual Russia-wide seminar, which bought lighting designers, rental companies and technicians together to share ideas, meet new equipment and network.

Pasquale Quadri, President and CEO of Clay Paky, said, “On the occasion of 25 years since the foundation of DOKA, the Clay Paky team would like to thank you for a business partnership that has seen an extraordinary growth of both companies over the years. Professionalism, honesty and trust are all values that underpin the strong foundation of our long lasting partnership that, over the years, has forged a strong friendship that goes way beyond business. We offer DOKA our best wishes for a very happy and bright future.”

The seminar was also the first time Clay Paky’s new intelligent fixture Alpha Spot QWO 800, designed exclusively for theatres and demonstrated by Renato Ferrari, Clay Paky Head of Sales at the event. “The Alpha Spot QWO 800 uses the latest MSR Platinum lamp in an 800W light source. It’s small, lightweight, features an impressive zoom range, excellent brightness, uniform beam and crucially silent operation (42dba)  – what’s not to like?”

Clay Paky fixtures are being installed in many of Russia’s most prestigious venues thanks to the company’s alliance with DOKA. Recently, more than 157 Clay Paky luminaires including Alpha Wash 300s and Alpha Spot HPE 300s were installed during the refurbishment of one of Russia’s oldest theatres, The Veronezh Drama Theatre.

DOKA also played a key role in renovating the famous Bolshoi Theatre, supplying more than 350 Clay Paky luminaires into the historic space. Similarly, Moscow’s restored Theatre of Nations was supplied with 10 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 575s and 14 Alpha Wash 575s for the main stage, with more for the smaller, second theatre.

Of course no celebration worth its salt would be complete without a spectacular light show. Created by DOKA’s Vasily Litvin it involved 36 Clay Paky Sharpys and 17 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s. “The show looked fantastic and it was a great opportunity to show off the Clay Paky capability to our customers and end users!” says Litvin. “In both social and business terms the show was a huge success!”