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Clay Paky finishes first at VERVA Street Racing
Lighting Designer
Jacek Chojczak
Photo Credits
Daniel Kapusta
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Warsaw, Poland – Poland’s fuel injected annual motoring festival, VERVA Street Racing, took place in Warsaw at the National Stadium. To accelerate the already high drama of the mega event, lighting designer Jacek Chojczak specified an array of Clay Paky SuperSharpys, which he used to deliver unparalleled super bright aerial effects during the festival.

Chojczak of Green Beam Design specified 32 SuperSharpys from Poland’s major rental outfit Transcolor and rigged them on the crown of the stadium. According to Chojczak, this position ensured the SuperSharpys were a “huge part of the show.”

As the largest motor sports event to take place in Central Europe, VERVA Street Racing attracts thousands of spectators along with famous icons of the motoring world. Previous celebrity guests include Jeremy Clarkson and Mika Häkkinen. Understandably Chojczak felt he needed fixtures that would pack a huge punch but would also be lightweight enough to keep the extensive rig at the required weight.

“The SuperSharpy’s beam is fantastically bright even with the gobos,” says Chojczak. “They’re also remarkably lightweight for such a powerful fixture.”

The SuperSharpy is an ACL beam type moving head featuring a 470-watt, 7800 K lamp, making it three times brighter than the original Sharpy. Thanks to this incredible output, the SuperSharpy’s light reaches never-seen-before mid-air distances. The fixture also provides a wealth of effects with its extremely advanced optics and 18+1 fixed metal gobo wheel, 8-facet rotating prism and frost unit all housed in a compact and portable 30kg body.

“The SuperSharpys’ effects gave me some fantastic new looks for this year’s event,” continues Chojczak. “I’m really impressed with the fixture and will definitely use them more often. Clay Paky is doing a great job.”

PROLIGHT Sp. z o.o. is the distributor for Clay Paky products in Poland.