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Clay Paky fixtures showcased atop Chilean skyscraper
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Chile – Clay Paky’s Chilean distributor, Valook, showcased more than 80 units of the company’s latest fixtures as part of an Open Day event for local rental and production companies, theatres, lighting designers and TV representatives.

Organised by Valook – which has been a Clay Paky distributor since 2014 – the event was held on the rooftop of Santiago’s 64-storey Costanera Center Tower, which opened in 2013 and is the tallest skyscraper in South America.

On show were Clay Paky’s Mythos, Glow Up, Scenius Spot, Sharpy, Sharpy Wash, B-EYE K10 and K20, Stormy and Stormy CC fixtures. The event was introduced by the Valook staff, accompanied by speeches and product demos by Clay Paky’s Francesco Romagnoli and Massimo Piccinini.

“The Open Day was a very luxurious and sophisticated event, where only the most important and well known exponents of the Chilean show business industry could meet between each other and share experiences,” explains Fabian Cortez Lopez from Valook. “We wanted to invite our entertainment industry to experience the new Clay Paky fixtures, which we are very confident about.

“Mythos was undoubtedly the star of the show, but many rental companies and lighting designers also fell in love with the B-EYE K20. Many were also amazed by the Scenius’ light quality and performance. Following this event, we believe Scenius will be the big star in the most professional sectors of the entertainment industry.”

Scenius is the new moving head spotlight at the top of the Clay Paky range. Its advanced optical unit and the new 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide a much higher light output than previous generation 1500W lamps. Scenius offers incredibile white light and colour reproduction across a broad spectrum, including pastel shades.

“Chile is a small country with a growing entertainment industry, and the Clay Paky sales are even better than we expected,” Cortez continues. “All the rental and production companies that currently stock Clay Paky fixtures are working on the top events in our country, and the fixtures they have are always out of their warehouse on jobs. Therefore, the pay-back of the fixtures is very fast, making us believe that Clay Paky is undoubtedly the best investment choice.”

Valook was formed in 2001 with the specific goal of supply supplying good quality, affordable products to the professional lighting market together with fast, professional and efficient customer service.

Valook’s Open Day is another example of Clay Paky’s continued expansion in South America.

In late 2015, Clay Paky Mythos fixtures, supplied by Valook, illuminated the Costanera Tower with a fantastic light show, designed by Toni Amoros, to celebrate each match in the America Cup 2015 football tournament.

Santiago-based Producciones Icardi also received Clay Paky’s Ambassador of Light Award 2015-2016 for its contribution to the world of light installations in large-scale shows, in recognition of its work on the America Cup Opening Ceremony, where an array of Mythos fixtures was specified. Producciones Icardi is the first South American company to win the award.