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Clay Paky gives Jakarta’s nightclub scene the edge
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Jakarta, Indonesia – A cutting-edge package of Clay Paky fixtures has been installed into a new super club in Jakarta that promises partygoers an unrivalled audio-visual experience. Owned by one of Jakarta’s most prominent nightlife companies Alexis Group, Colosseum is a huge 1000 square meter arena with 16-meter high ceilings that hosts world class DJs, international artists and vast themed parties.

Spain-based multimedia production company and supplier LEDsCONTROL supplied and installed 30 of the award-winning Clay Paky Mythos, 16 A.leda B-EYE K20s, 16 Sharpys and 10 Alpha Spot 700 HPE fixtures into the space. 

“Alexis Group approached us to support their vision of creating the most spectacular and trailblazing venue in Jakarta’s club scene”, explains project manager Miquel Perez de Hita. “We immediately put forward a lighting package of Clay Paky fixtures as we were confident this could turn the vision into a reality.”

The multi-featured Clay Paky fixtures are integral to Colosseum’s dazzling and immersive light shows, holding their own alongside lasers and cutting through the special effects.

“We chose the B-EYE K20 for Colosseum because it’s a fantastic mix of moving wash light and LED matrix”, continues Perez de Hita. “Mythos is perfect for a nightclub of this size because of its incredible output.”

LEDsCONTROL also supplied and installed Clay Paky fixtures into Ismaya Group-owned clubs Blowfish and Dragonfly. Ismaya Group is one of Indonesia’s market leaders in the hospitality and events sector. The company conceptualizes, develops and operates an exclusive yet diverse group of venues in the region.

Blowfish has seen a technological boost from 14 A.leda B-EYE K10s  and 14 Sharpys whilst Dragonfly’s lighting rig has been enhanced by the versatility of 14 Mythos.

“Blowfish was established over a decade ago and is still considered one of the best nightclub atmospheres in Jakarta,” explains Perez de Hita. “It’s equipped with the latest lighting, video and audio technology. Dragonfly is more of a cosy, elegant space that has been meticulously designed so needed discrete yet sophisticated fixtures like the Mythos.

“We chose Clay Paky for all three projects for a number of reasons – firstly because we have known and worked with the brand since its early beginnings. We are also impressed with the versatility, power and performance of the new fixtures, the balance between quality and price and the post-sale service we benefit from.”