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Clay Paky helps make corporate NYE event a night to remember
Lighting Designer
Roman Stolyarov
MAX’N’MAX; Arlecchino Group
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Moscow, Russia – Leading Russian consumer electronics retailer M.Video has had its “best New Year’s Eve event in history”, thanks to technical producers MAX’N’MAX and lighting designer Roman Stolyarov choosing the super powerful Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20, Sharpy Wash 330 and Alpha Spot HPE 1500 for the event’s live stage shows.

Stolyarov’s design saw a central chandelier truss above the stage in the Moscow Expocentre rigged with 32 x B-EYEs, which were supplied by rental company Arlecchino Group. Throughout the evening there were varying performances by M.Video’s staff, directed by George Dolmazyan.

“As the chandelier was the focal point, Roman used the B-EYEs’ graphic light effects and vibrant colours to create the varying looks for each performance,” says MAX’N’MAX’s production director Maxim Korotkov. “It was our first time working with the B-EYE and its incredible brightness and versatility surpassed all our expectations. The Alpha Spot HPE 1500s and Sharpy Wash 330s were used for key lighting, and performed the task faultlessly.”

Maxim Martynov, MAX’N’MAX’s other production director, worked alongside technical director Oleg Nikituk to develop the stage design concept, drawing on the company’s extensive experience working on similar projects in the same venue.

“We often use innovative Clay Paky fixtures for our projects,” says Korotkov. “They always meet the requirements of the event and are of the highest quality.”

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