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Clay Paky helps make The Script European tour ‘biggest show yet’
Lighting Designer
Jamie Thompson
Photo Credits
The Fifth Estate
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Europe – Lighting designer Jamie Thompson has chosen award-winning Clay Paky Mythos and A.leda B-EYE K20 and K10 fixtures to deliver maximum impact on The Script’s European tour.

The Irish pop rockers’ brief for Thompson was simple: he had free reign to make it their biggest show yet. Thompson therefore turned to the super powerful Mythos and B-EYEs, supplied by PRG, to make sure his design packed a huge punch.

“It’s a very Clay Paky-heavy rig on this tour, which is great,” says Thompson. “The concept is all about energy so I really wanted to have something that conveyed that. I therefore designed the show to wrap around the band with lots of curves to give a sense of dimension.”

Thompson has rigged the B-EYE K20 and Mythos fixtures in the air on five pods, with eight B-EYEs and six Mythos in each. The K10s are rigged at the sides and the back as a less heavy-duty alternative to the K20s.

“The K10s balance the K20s perfectly so effects-wise they look lovely, everyone is really happy with them,” continues Thompson. “In pre production I spent three or four days just playing with the B-EYEs’ vast range of effects. They’re incredible at what they do. I also really love the Mythos. PRG bought them especially for this tour and they’re phenomenal.”

Thompson adds that thanks to the incredible brightness of the Mythos, the video operators don’t have to turn the large dominant screen down to 5% but can let it run how they want.

“I’m using the Mythos like a very bright Sharpy with lots of beam and gobo effects. They also zoom out incredibly wide but retain their definition. They’re everything I wanted in a fixture. I’ve got to say that I feel Clay Paky has pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved for the price. And, say with the B-EYE, there is nothing else that compares to that at the moment. It’s like the Sharpy when it came out. There was nothing that could beat it. Great all round.”

The Script’s tour moves to Australia and Asia this summer with a scaled down version for the USA and festival dates.