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Clay Paky illuminates the Australia “Dancing with the Stars”
Lighting Designer
Francesco Calvi
Resolution X
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AUSTRALIA – After successfully supplying the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars with lighting and rigging for  fourteen seasons, Resolution X has again delivered for the fifteenth. This season working with lighting designer Francesco Calvi. “We are proud of our long association with DWTS and each season we have seen the lighting evolve from the last” said Tim Hall Managing Director of Resolution X. This year was no exception with the addition of Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE and Mythos.

The rig included both A.leda B-EYE K20 units flown and the A.leda B-EYE K10 on the floor. The smaller K10 were well suited to the space available but surprised with flexibility and output keeping up with the bigger units above. With so many dance numbers and little programming time proved their worth with flexibility. The ability to provide wash, beam or effects allowed for great variety across the season.

The Clay Paky Mythos was chosen because a beam and effects fixtures was required that was able to compete with both the bright studio environment and the LED screen located right behind them. They were more than capable of the task with their large lens and fat beam proving great on camera. The Mythos teamed up with the Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700 and Sharpy that have been a mainstay of the “Dancing With the Stars” rig.

“The team at Resolution X have been fans of the Clay Paky products for many years due to the superior optics, build quality and development that goes into Clay Paky fixtures. Importantly on a long season we can rely on the Clay Paky units to keep on working. We rarely need to change out a Clay Paky”.