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Clay Paky illuminates the ‘Hall of Fame’ at Grévin Seoul Museum
Lighting Designer
Jean-Francois De Lamotte
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Korea – Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K10 luminaires are part of a sophisticated lighting system that provides visitors with an immersive viewing experience at Grévin Seoul, the first Asian location of the famous waxwork museum Grévin Paris.

Located near one of Seoul’s busiest shopping districts, Myeong-dong, Grévin Seoul opened in July this year. It offers visitors the chance to ‘take selfies’ with 80 life-size wax models of world-renowned public figures and celebrities. The exhibit is spread over four floors in different themed rooms.

Korean distributor Tongsuh Technology Co. supplied and installed 19 of the Clay Paky fixtures into the museum’s ‘Hall of Fame’ room. Situated on the second floor, this section displays waxworks of stars such as Angelina Jolie and Korean pop sensation Psy. It invites visitors to ‘make unforgettable memories with your favourite celebrities’.

Lighting designer Jean-Francois De Lamotte of award-winning French design house Concept Lumiere created the lighting for the space. His design applies the B-EYEs’ 19 individually controllable RGBW LEDs to create beat-perfect dynamic effects that match the hall’s soundtrack and theme. The fixtures also wash the space with vibrant colour to provide an immersive atmosphere.

The B-EYE K10 is a highly versatile light with three operating modes: wash, beam and effects. Its zoom ranges from 4° to 60° and is therefore suitable both for spaces with low ceilings where large angles are extremely useful and for larger environments or arena shows. The fixture’s front lens can also be rotated to create countless vortex effects, for aerial or ‘kaleidoscopic’ projection use.

The Grévin Museum opened in Paris in 1882. In 2013 it reached its 130-year anniversary and began expanding globally with venues in Montreal, Canada and Prague, Czech Republic. Collectively, the Grévin museums display over 2000 waxwork models and receive 6 million visitors annually.