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Clay Paky lights in CBeebies show “Swashbuckle”
Lighting Designer
Lee Allen
Richard Martin Lighting (RML)
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UNITED KINGDOM – Kids have the wildest imaginations and so what better concept for a children’s game show (whether filmed in a studio or not!) than one that involves pirates and treasure!

CBeebies show Swashbuckle is back for a new series! The idea is for the audience to join Gem and her teams of Swashbucklers as they try to win her jewels back from the naughty pirates – Captain Cook, Line and Sinker.
Aimed for children who are at a key developmental stage, the show includes games, songs, stories, learning and lots of fun.

Even as an adult there is something truly hypnotising about children’s programmes – that magical formula of colours, sounds and characters that will stop a child in its tracks.
This bright and colourful set, which includes it’s very own pirate ship (and real life parrot!), is no exception and is quite frankly – big budget!

Lit by LD Lee Allen, it was ‘all hands on deck’ from Richard Martin Lighting (RML) who ‘shipped’ Alpha Wash 1200’s and Stage Zoom 1200’s up to Dock 10 Studios in Salford where Swashbuckle is currently being filmed.