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Clay Paky lights Jugend Forscht, the biggest youth science and technology competition in Europe
Lighting Designer
Marcus Krömer
Jansen Lichttechnik
Photo Credits
Marcus Krömer
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Germany – Jugend Forscht is the biggest youth science and technology competition in Europe. The event was created by the then editor-in-chief of Stern magazine, Henri Nannen, way back in 1965. Every year, in addition to the regional contests organized in the individual states, a national competition is held, which is the highlight of the event. It is contested by the young scientists and researchers who win the first prizes in the regional competitions. During the final, the best competitors are tested in the seven Jugend Forscht subject areas. This year there were 51 participants, and the contest was managed by the Jugend forscht e.V. Foundation, together with the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn.

The Paderborn-based firm Jansen Lichttechnik dealt with installing the rig and lights in the Schützenhof Paderborn, the venue that hosted the awards. They provided 20 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330s, 16 A.leda Wash K10s, 8 Alpha Spot 800 QWOs and 6 A.leda B-EYE K10s, as well as dot2 products.

Marcus Krömer, lighting designer and on-site operator, said he had been won over by the dot2s: “I was impressed in particular with how easy network configuration was, and the versatility you can have with the various wings. We managed a total of about seven DMX universes with the desk.”

The video production manager, Herbert Löser (AFV Medienproduktion Weihrauch), went on to say: “We created some live images/recordings for the event, together with HD online live streaming. The Clay Paky A.ledas were an absolute must for illuminating the stage, and they ensured an exceptional quality live broadcast. At the same time, the back-lighting allowed us to create highly involving images.”

Technical Manager: Nils Weber; Rig Manager: Juri Zitzer (both from Jansen Lichttechnik). The “live cutter” was Markus Fuest (AFV Medienproduktion Weihrauch).

Photo: © Marcus Krömer