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Clay Paky lights the Calzedonia Summer Show 2016
Lighting Designer
Jerry R. Romani
Master Audio
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Italy – For several years now, Calzedonia run by its founder and CEO Sandro Veronesi, has put on a Calzedonia Summer Show at the Calzedonia Group’s headquarters. It is more than just a fashion show. It is a true presentation event performed several times with international models, show business celebrities, and music and dance interludes.

The lighting design and programming were entrusted to the lighting designer Jerry R. Romani, who used Clay Paky lights. In particular, he used 24 Mythos units and 20 A.leda BK10s, supplied by Maurizio Squitieri from Padua-based Master Audio, along with the other equipment.
Jerry was skilful in devising personal lighting solutions and meeting the requests laid down by the production team and Giò Forma, the firm that designed the catwalk. Preparation of the numerous breaks and spectacular dance interludes was entrusted to the choreographer Laccio, who used giant screens and street dance artists to transform the catwalk into a celebration of the joy of life.

Carioca atmospheres were chosen for the new Calzedonia swimwear; the themes were energetic and full of verve, and the colours were bright and vibrant.

The lighting designer supervised the various equipment rigging stages and the light programming. “I chose and arranged the Mythos units along the catwalk all over the place since they have an exceptional zoom and fantastic range of colours, along with their powerful light output and extreme speed.”

Their movements are smooth, quick and very quiet. The fast, versatile Mythos is a useful light in any situation and a great investment for any practical need.
“I used the lights with the zoom set to 4° in spot mode to reproduce the same rays as in the video produced by Mika, used during the presentation show. These beams were spread out along the whole catwalk, giving the audience the impression that the third dimension had been suspended. While the videos projected upside down Vs on the backdrop, I drew the same sign in the air with light from the Mythos units.”

Moreover, Jerry used the Mythos’s zoom to great effect during the dance performances along the catwalk. The Mythos can zoom out and in so well that it can comfortably stay abreast with the movements of the choreography.

“I especially used the A.leda B-Eye K10 lights, placed on either side of the catwalk, during the interludes to illuminate the performers and enrich the colourful atmosphere of the side-lighting, from the sides of the stage, so to speak. I also used them for some white-light effects on the audience during the walk-in: they swayed slowly to accompany the people safely to their seats.”

The event was streamed live, so it needed a suitable colour temperature: all the Clay Paky lights were set up with a colour temperature of 5600 K.

The show ended with carioca rhythms and smiling, winking models: a way to welcome the summer joyfully, and pay homage to the upcoming Rio Olympics.

FASHION SHOW by Rosemary Ferrari, Giò Forma.
STYLING: Andrea Amara.
Jazzy Kemper
Jonathan Jenvrin
Philip Birchall
David Bellay
Jordan Matheson
Davide Toto
Creative Direction, Set Design and Backdrop Videos by Giò Forma
Lighting service company:  Master Audio