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Clay Paky lights the shades of Pintus
Lighting Designer
Gianluca Brunelli
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ITALY – The Trieste-born comedian proudly recalls the Bergamo dates of his tour, each and everyone a sell-out. He was surrounded on stage by some great little co-stars: Clay Paky Sharpys.

The show featured Pintus’s simple, natural humour, his musical skills and his talent as an impersonator, which delight the audience. He mixes childhood memories, true stories, reflections on television and TV personalities, and great cabaret clichés, like women behind the wheel, the generation gap and the battle of the sexes.

Last year’s show at the Mediolanum Forum, which was a special event by size in comparison with the tour, marked the beginning of a period of technical cooperation between Leader Sound and Angelo Pintus’s production team.
Basing himself on ideas and designs already in the pipeline, lighting designer Gianluca Brunelli put together a lighting rig for the over sixty tour dates in various theatres and for the show at the Forum.

Brunelli decided to put a few Sharpy units on the stage floor and this choice was agreed upon: “They were placed on the set as side-lighting in fixed positions for much of the show, and remained motionless until the scenes where Pintus describes changes in the situation. These are usually comical situations.”
Since this is a cabaret comedy show, the lighting is mostly devoid of effects and continuous movements. However, it is useful to create contrasts, along with the musical breaks, and changes in tempo, characters, content and intentions, which occur during the show.   

The outdoor tour dates, in public squares, meant it was necessary to use reliable, powerful lights to safeguard and create changes in the lighting and effects even in unfavourable conditions, and ensure fast, safe installation.

The Sharpys on the stage and on a front batten formed the basic lighting rig. A back-lighting batten was only added in the most critical situations, and at the sell-out event at the Mediolanum Forum, which required a much greater number of lights: there were 38 Sharpys, 26 of which were arranged either on the stage or the back-lighting batten (3 on the left and 3 on the right above the LED wall), and another 6 on the first front batten for the classic brush stokes in the sky and over the audience in the auditorium.

A further twelve Alpha Spot HPE 1500s were arranged on the back-lighting batten together with the Sharpys.