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Clay Paky lights the Studio Hamburg excellence awards
Lighting Designer
Andreas Rinne
Blue Noise
Photo Credits
Studio Hamburg
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GERMANY – Innovative, creative and well narrated films produced by German filmmaking students have received the Studio Hamburg “Nachwuchspreis” (young talent prize) since 1997. The prize categories are best production, best short film (awarded by the public), best director and best screenplay. During the ceremony, the Günter Strack Television Prize is also bestowed upon the best up-and-coming actress and actor, and since 2008, the Hamburg Murder-Mystery Prize has been awarded too. Lighting designer Andreas Rinne counted on Clay Paky lights for the event at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre this year, as he did last year. Clay Paky Sharpys and Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs were used for the stage.

“Since there are only a few moving heads installed in the Thalia Theatre, we had to bring some with us,”
Rinne said. “I think the Sharpy Beams and Alpha Spot QWO 800s are the most interesting moving lights on the market at the moment.”

“Our set designer, Julia Bau, designed an exciting and vibrant stage for the show this year,”
Rinne continued. “Among other things, there were transparent fabrics that merged seamlessly with the screen depending on the point from which they were rolled out. My mission was to design impressive show lighting, to keep the competitive tension high. The Sharpys provided strong emphasis with their powerful beams, while the Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs were able to penetrate the transparent fabrics with the movement of their gobo wheels. Furthermore, Clay Paky lights are silent. The combination of a classical theatre and a modern show treated us to a positive and exciting experience.”

Sarah Wagner was the lighting operator. Hans Thutewohl and Ralf Scholz were chief lighting technicians. The lights were provided by Blue Noise.