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Clay Paky Mythos illuminate Latin America’s tallest skyscraper
Lighting Designer
Toni Amoros
Producciones Icardi
Photo Credits
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Santiago, Chile – Clay Paky Mythos fixtures have illuminated the Costanera Tower, the highest skyscraper in Latin America, with a fantastic light show to celebrate each match in the Copa América 2015 football tournament.

The award-winning Clay Paky fixtures were part of a lighting design by Toni Amoros, who also lit the tournament’s opening ceremony. Each time a player scored Amoros employed the Mythos to wash the building with the team’s colours and a variety of textures, surprising and delighting onlookers.

The fixtures also projected custom gobos such as the word ‘GOOOL’ (GOAAAL), supplied by Iluminación Profesional VALOOK, up the entire 300-metre length of the tower.

“The Mythos was the perfect tool for this ambitious project,” says Fabian Cortez Lopez of VALOOK. “Its incredible optics meant it could illuminate the whole building with ease. The custom gobos were projected from the ground floor to the very top of the building, remaining in clear focus even at the furthest distance. This is a feat only the Mythos can achieve!”

The gobos also saw the Mythos project spinning footballs and Copa América sponsor Mastercard’s logo onto the building as teams such as Paraguay and Brazil and Peru and Bolivia battled it out on the pitch.

The skyscraper is part of the Costanera Centre in the capital’s Providencia business district. The 24 Mythos, supplied by event production house Producciones Icardi, were positioned with six on each side of the building throughout the tournament. From here the fixtures also delivered a vibrant light show on weekday mornings and evenings to entertain commuters and visitors to the area.

“The power output of the Mythos is fantastic, it can easily replace a 4k searchlight,” continues Cortez. “There’s no other fixture like it – you can use it in on smaller stages, stadiums or for an architectural project such as this without compromising its performance.”

Copa América 2015 took place between the 11 June and 4 July.