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Clay Paky on the wings of a powerful sports car
Lighting Designer
Emiliano Morgia
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DUBAI. Media Interactive Agency, under the artistic direction of Cynthia Chbat Mounir, contacted GDL to turn the presentation of a luxurious Japanese car into a show.

Under the Art Director’s supervision, Production Director Mirco Resta and Lighting Designer Emiliano Morgia sought the best possible venue to present the car. They looked for a place that would meet the customer’s specifications regarding logistics, and stage and lighting equipment, and found a splendid venue at Studio City.
They chose a completely soundproofed, large, fifty-foot high-room (with net area of 44 x 87 yards), which perfectly met the customer’s special request: to put together impressive scenery, lights and video projections.

The venue was technically perfect and there were no constraints as regards the structures Emiliano Morgia wanted to use. This made it easy to create an “elegant industrial-looking setting, built around aluminium trusses, which were illuminated as scenic elements.” It was an “unconventional lighting design for the presentation of a car, but ideal for conveying the soul of this elegant, classy vehicle.”

Both Clay Paky’s classic lights and their most innovative models helped Emiliano Morgia in developing his lighting design. He used the “old and always prestigious Alpha Profile 1200s for their colour temperature characteristics” to create front lighting and back lighting in the area used for the dance performances and corporate presentations.

He illuminated the ceiling, supporting structures and trusses installed in the room with magenta in mind – Infiniti’s only corporate colour – and played with the wide range of shades the Mythos can produce. 
Thanks to their infinite visual effects capabilities, Mythos units were used in beam mode, together with Sharpys, to create a forest of dense, well-defined beams of light. Their special optical units keep the light beams in focus over their entire length.

The lighting design also looked very attractive on television: “I knew a few television channels would be filming the presentation. All I had to do was change the light intensity and calibrate the equipment to ensure perfect television lighting conditions, without compromising the industrial look of the scenery.”

“It is always a great joy to work with GDL in Dubai both for its high class team, led by Davide Bombardieri (technical manager), and the quality of the lights they have in their stock (virtually all made by Clay Paky). GDL stands out not only as an excellent video service company, but also as one of the most prestigious lighting service companies in the Persian Gulf.”