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Clay Paky is at the “Plasa Focus Backstage Tour” in Malmö for an exclusive preview of the technology lined up for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest
Lighting Designer
Fredrik Jönsson & Emma Landare
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MALMÖ, SWEDEN – There is less than one month to go before the start of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest (14, 16 and 18 May), the most prestigious annual event for the European music industry and the most watched live TV broadcast in Europe. The organizers have planned a show in Malmö on 7 and 8 May 2013 to present the event to the industry and the international press. This unmissable date will also feature an exclusive “backstage tour” that illustrates the cutting-edge technology that will be used during the contest, along with some workshops where the various technical partners will present the solutions they have provided for the event.

The figures involved in the “final” of the international European contest are awesome, as always: 24 km of signal cable, 1283 lighting fixtures, 600 rigging points, 3500 metres of truss, 14 hippotizers, 40 km of power cable, 4 graphic designers, 2 lighting designers, 800 moving lights, 14 followspots, 12 GrandMa Light consoles, 24500 control channels, 23 cameras, 2 video operators, 4 lighting operators, 200 tons rigged into the roof, 28 Barco HDQ40s, a 6 megawatt generator farm, 30 transport trucks, 210 speakers, 8 sound consoles, 4 weeks of virtual programming, 4 weeks of live programming and 6878 hotel nights.

Clay Paky
has been one of the leading names at the Eurovision Song Contest for many years. For example, 667 of the Italian company’s moving heads were used during the 2012 show, which was held in a large pavilion built specially for the occasion in Baku, Azerbaijan. The number of Clay Paky fixtures used this year is even more impressive: 701 lights, even though the show will take place in a significantly smaller venue!

The official list includes all kinds of lighting fixtures: 50 Alpha Beam 1500s, 50 Alpha Profile 1500s, 129 Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, 40 Alpha Spot QWO 800s, 58 Aleda K10 LED washlights, 49 Aleda K5s, 50 battery-powered Glow Up Strip 100 LED bars, 200 Sharpy “beams” and 75 brand new Sharpy Washes.

Pio Nahum
, Clay Paky Sales and Marketing Manager, said “we are proud that our lights have been chosen again this year for what is an extremely important and unique show on the international scene. The huge variety of Clay Paky fixtures listed repays our efforts in terms of innovation and diversification”.

The lighting design at the Eurovision Song Contest attracts the attention of professionals every year, since it uses the most modern technology and reveals new stage lighting trends. “I have no doubt that Fredrik Jönsson (LD) and Emma Landare (Associate LD) will do an outstanding job. The always beautiful and exciting videos and photographs of the show will travel around the world on the industry’s media. It will be a perfect showcase for Clay Paky,” Nahum concluded.

Clay Paky will publish a preview of how the preparatory work for the show is proceeding, consisting of photos, videos and absolutely up-to-date news, on its website and through its social network channels.

As mentioned above, the “Plasa Focus Backstage Tour” will feature a series of technical presentations, including one by George Masek on “Going green without sacrificing technical performance”. George, who works for ACT Lighting (Clay Paky’s sole distributor for North America), will explain how Clay Paky’s growing success stems from its ability to improve the luminous efficiency of is lights significantly.

Lastly, the entire Eurovision Song Contest Creative Team, coordinated by the Production Manager Ola Melzig, will be at the visitors’ disposal for a question and answer session.

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