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Clay Paky has recently published photometric data relating to its lights on its website in IESNA and Eulumdat format (.IES and .LDT files), as laid down in standard EN 13.032 – LM 79 – .

The main advantage of these formats is they can be “imported” into design programs so that the levels of light in the various areas that need illuminating may be rendered. The designer can therefore calculate the number of lights needed to achieve a certain lighting level, the distance between the lights and the area to be illuminated, and the spacing between the lights themselves.

In the past, this type of data was only requested by architectural firms, but today some lighting control desks (for example the GrandMA) and simulation programs can import IES files. Lighting designers, directors of photography and installers can therefore now calculate in advance the lighting levels in a theatre project, a TV show or a corporate presentation.


IESNA and Eulumdat files have been created for all Clay Paky lights sold since 2011 and certified by an independent institute. They are available on the site. Simply access each individual product page or visit the site DOWNLOAD area.


The direct link in the download area to download all the various types of Clay Paky light photometric diagram is: