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Clay Paky Roadshow a success in South Africa
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SOUTH AFRICA – Clay Paky’s Massimo Bolandrina and Giovanni Zucchinali spent two weeks in South Africa carrying out fantastic demos everyday as they introduced the super heroes of lighting, The Projectors, to the market.  In fact, a photo taken during this roadshow of a SuperSharpy beam projecting onto a cloud reached the second most “Likes” ever recorded on the Clay Paky Faebook page. It was liked 819 times  (the number one pic has 859 likes) but also was ‘shared’ more than the other photo.

The Clay Paky Roadshow, put together and run by DWR’s Robert Izzett was a wonderful success. Instead of having a central venue where clients were invited to see the products, The Projectors consisting of Supersharpy, Mythos and Stormy were taken to rental companies and theatres in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

“This has been an amazing experience for the Clay Paky team,” commented Massimo who loved meeting old and new friends and sharing interesting talks about lights and life. “A big thanks goes to all the people we met. All this would not have been possible without the unique support of the DWR team. A special thanks goes to Robert Izzett, Nick Barnes and Bradley Bruchhausen for being with us on this special trip throughout South Africa.”

The Supersharpy is a mobile head with ACL beam and 470 watt 7800 K lamp. This light has proved to be up to three times brighter than its successful predecessor, the Sharpy, with extremely low power consumption in comparison with its light output.

The Mythos is state of the art in versatility. It is an effects projector with a very wide zoom range (4°-50° / 1:12) and a beam mode with 0.5° beam angle that produces a 170-mm-diameter (6½”) thick parallel ultra-concentrated light beam. The wash light effect is amazing too. The Mythos won the Plasa Award for Innovation. The jury gave the following reasoning: “In the Clay Paky tradition, it’s a real winner. Paky would be proud.”

The Stormy applies the latest LED technology to the appeal of a classic strobe effect. A strip of powerful LEDs, enhanced by a parabolic reflector, emulates a Xenon lamp perfectly. It is available in white or RGBW versions.

“The roadshow really was tremendous, especially the night demos,” commented Robert Izzett. I have never seen a light that can project gobos onto the clouds… but the Mythos and Supersharpy can! It’s incredible and being able to see a gobo projected perfectly at over one kilometre, has to be seen to be believed. As for Massimo and Giovanni, they are two of the best travelling companions anyone could ask for.”

The clients were all exceptionally accommodating and hospitable and went out of their way to be part of this experience. “An enormous than you to everyone,” ended Rob.