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Clay Paky’s industry leading fixtures on show in South Korea
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South Korea – More than 120 industry professionals representing 70 companies attended an Open Day held by Clay Paky’s South Korea sales partner Tongsuh Technoloy Co Ltd in February to experience the latest Clay Paky fixtures.

H.R Shin from Seoul-based Tongsuh oversaw the event, which invited an array of stage and theatre, TV broadcasting, rental and installation, government, church and schools representatives to the MVL Hotel Goyang, just outside Seoul.

At the event, attendees were presented with Clay Paky’s Scenius Spot, Scenius Profile-prototype, Spheriscan, A.leda B-EYE K20, A.leda B-EYE K10, Stormy, Stormy CC and Mythos fixtures. Clay Paky’s Alfonso Zarate Takano and Giulia Sabeva were onsite to demo the fixtures and answer questions.

“All the major theatres, broadcasting companies and rentals in our region own some Clay Paky products and always want more, so interest was very high,” says H.R. Shin.  “The quality of light from Clay Paky products is truly impressive. Especially, together with Osram Lamps, Scenius offers the best quality of light available. Scenius reveals the true colours of any object it shines. Its colour effects are also by far the best I have ever seen.”

The Open Day is seen as a crucial tool in boosting the Clay Paky brand via Tongsuh in the Korean and South East Asia markets.

“There was incredibly positive feedback from the delegates about all of Clay Paky’s products. They were particularly impressed with the uniformity of the Scenius profile’s output; the speed, fancy effects and IP rating of the Spheriscan; the endless kaleidoscopic effects of the B-EYE; the strong light beam effects of the Mythos,” H.R Shin continues.

“I’m continuously impressed by each Clay Paky product and its innovative characteristics.  While other companies are busy making hybrids of hybrids or copying others, Clay Paky has been keeping its vision, conserving and creating the distinctive features of its products. We hope that Clay Paky stays that way for the future.”