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Clay Paky Scenius Spot makes South American debut
Lighting Designer
Mario Raez
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Peru – The brand new Clay Paky Scenius Spot has landed in South America for the first time and is dubbed ‘fixture of choice’ by prolific lighting designer Mario Raez in the Peruvian staging of jukebox classic Mamma Mia at the Teatro Peruano Japones in Lima.

Raez is the first lighting designer in South America to put the Scenius Spot through its paces, employing six of the units in his show. “These are great fixtures,” says Raez, “Once I became familiar with their features and what they could do most of my design rested on them.”

Raez was particularly impressed with the fixture’s linear CTO filter, using it to recreate the unique light of the Adriatic coast where the production is set. “I have been a lighting designer for 30 years and the CTO in the Clay Paky Scenius Spot is one of the best I have ever seen,” he states.

The Clay Paky Scenius Spot offers professionals a 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp combined with 6500 K output colour temperature. These features, combined with an exceptionally high CRI, allows designers such as Raez to transform stages into real world landscapes.

“The brief was to keep the lighting and stage design as faithful to reality as possible which the Scenius Spot did exceptionally,” continues Raez. “I used six units rigged in two bars of three, one at upstage centre and one front of house. There is little distance in this theatre so the Scenius Spot’s 8°-50° zoom and wide beam angle allowed me to cover the entire space with only a few fixtures.”

A packed effects system synonymous with the Clay Paky brand means designers can flick between diverse lighting effects and washes in a matter of seconds by employing the use of two rotating gobo wheels, each with six interchangeable gobos, a rotating prism and an interchangeable graphics wheel.

“These were the first Scenius fixtures in South America and I look forward to coming across more in the future,” continues Raez.

Mamma Mia is produced by Peruvian production company Los Productores and is on stage at the Teatro Peruano Japones, Lima until the 28th of August 2016.

Novolite Screen & Light is the Clay Paky distributor in Peru.