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Clay Paky Score KOs at “Premier Boxing Championships Series”
Lighting Designer
John Featherstone, Chris Medvitz & Warwick Burton
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UNITED STATES – Professional boxing returned to prime time with the debut of “Premier Boxing Champions” on NBC Sports.  Clay Paky Sharpys packed a punch for the headline bouts executive produced by Michael Marto of Executive Visions Inc. (EVI) for the Haymon Boxing

The debut of the “Premier Boxing Champions” series marked the first major prime time boxing broadcast on network television since 1985.  NBC Sports promises five cards a year in prime time for the high-end series.  The first card, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, found Keith Thurman winning a unanimous decision in a welterweight bout with Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner taking the super lightweight bout against John Molina. 

“We want to take boxing out of the dark corners and put it front and center in the American psyche,” says John Featherstone of Chicago-based Lightswitch Inc., who served as lighting designer with Chris Medvitz and Warwick Burton.  “We are approaching the series like a televised concert tour with a big show feel.  For me, that meant Clay Paky was the logical choices.”

According to Featherstone, “we wanted to get a lot of excitement and dynamic imagery – camera candy, if you will – and Sharpy was the natural way to go.  I wouldn’t use anything else.  It’s lightweight, has a punchy beam, is super reliable and tours very well.  Sharpy has a proven track record.”

He positioned 75 Sharpy fixtures throughout a rig of over 300 fixtures.  “The rig was a large circle that was our primary key light position, which was different for boxing,” he explains.  “The majority of the Sharpys were around that circle with a few darted around the arena and some on the main stage.”

Featherstone says the Sharpys performed “flawlessly, of course.  A.C.T’s support was amazing – second to none.  One of the reasons we go to Clay is because of the level of service and support we get from A.C.T.  The equipment is great anyway, but having A.C.T back it up is remarkable.”

Upstaging provided the lighting gear; Prelite Inc. did the previs.  Mike Robertson was the lighting programmer with David Zuckerman as production electrican. Ken Burns, Jr., Devon Zuckerman, Brian Kasten and Josh Wagner comprising the lighting crew. Mario Educate, from OSA International, was the technical director; Bruce Rogers, from Tribe Inc., did the production design.

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Area Manager for North and Latin America, added, “It’s always exciting to see our fixtures on televsion.  Mr. Featherstone is a great designer and this series is evidence of that.”

A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for Clay Paky.