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Clay Paky Sharpys in Demand on South African DJ Scene
Insane Sound and Lighting
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South Africa – Clay Paky’s powerful, high impact Sharpys are in demand on South Africa’s dance music scene as Durban-based Insane Sound and Lighting supply them to international DJ events.

Insane’s Vimal Rawjee – who founded the company in 2004 to meet the growing demand for event equipment hire in the region – has consistently specified and supplied Clay Paky Sharpys to DJs including Afrojack, Pete Tong, and Like Mike & Dimitri Vega.

“There is no other fixture like the Sharpy,”
says Rawjee. “They cut through an LED wall and have the punch to create a ‘wow’ effect, which a lot of clients are looking for. Also, we’ve never had a problem with a Sharpy – that’s a massive statement coming from Durban’s hot and humid climate! Even in heat they are quick and respond very well”.

“We send Sharpys out to most events as they are becoming very popular – they’re on every rider these days, and promoters are asking for them by name. It is getting to the stage that it’s expected that they will be in the rig.”

Insane Sound and Lighting says it is planning to double its stock of Sharpys to meet demand, increasing to twelve this year. The Sharpys were purchased from Johannesburg-based DWR Distribution.

“Simply put, the Sharpys are the icing on the cake of every show,”
says Duncan Riley of DWR. “We all know how cake tastes without icing. We’ve never had a disappointed client and it’s a privilege and honour to supply such an amazing and well specified product. For sure, Vimal is planning his next purchase of Sharpys as the year goes on.”