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Clay Paky sheds light on landmark Culture Centre in Buenos Aires
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Argentina: Clay Paky’s official Argentinean distributor Stage Tech SRL has supplied a brand new cultural centre located in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Baracas with a selection of Clay Paky fixtures.

The landmark culture centre – located in the Villa 21 area – is at the heart of one of the most deprived areas in Baracas. It was built as a collaborative effort between the area’s local residents and the national government. Stage Tech SRL provided the project with 6 x Alpha Spot 300 HPE, 6 x Alpha Wash 300 and 1 x Shadow basic HMI 1200 for the centre’s new 300-seat auditorium.

The Alpha Spot 300 HPE and Alpha Wash 300 are compact Clay Paky lights, designed to produce a high output beam with minimal power draw, perfect for small theatres and exhibition spaces running on a budget.

Stage Tech SRL also provided the centre with a Shadow Basic HMI 1200 followspot. The fixture has a built in analogue control panel and is perfect for low-budget performance needs without forgoing the benefits of a professional lighting fixture.

The Villa 21 culture centre aims to provide the villa’s 70,000 residents with a communal hub where creative workshops, exhibitions, plays and political conferences can take place. Residents will be able to use the centre’s dance studio, exhibition space, IT suite and auditorium.

Speaking of the culture centre, Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner explains: “We are settling a tiny part of the immense debt that we have, that the State has, towards the most vulnerable sectors… Culture is not only a thing reserved for those who have had the fortune to be born in a more favourable place.”
Fernández de Kirchner goes on to clarify that the centre will also be used as the new headquarters for the Secretary of Culture Jorge Coscia as part of a huge government initiative to integrate the cities villas and raise living standards.