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Clay Paky spotlights subtly illuminate Doltone House
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Australia – Clay Paky distributor for Australia, Show Technology, has supplied 14 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 300s to luxury venue Doltone House in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

Situated on level three of the Tattersalls Club, the Doltone House venue is a prime location for a wide range of events including conferences and weddings and prides itself on grand architecture and sumptuous décor. It’s this focus on providing a glamorous ambiance for its guests that prompted Mark McInnes, Show Technology’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, to supply the Clay Paky fixtures.

“We wanted to provide a subtle, yet state-of-the-art solution, to illuminate the space. As the Alpha Spot 300 is a smaller sized fixture it’s ideal for use in venues which care about the aesthetics of the room,”
McInnes says. “This particular venue has a flamboyant interior design and feel, so the owners wanted to mitigate the impact of protruding fixtures.”

Nevertheless the Alpha Spot 300’s size is not a reflection of its power – its beam is one of the brightest on the market for the power draw. As McInnes explains: “Alongside being compact and versatile, the Alpha Spot 300’s lamp is extremely bright, which is wonderful as it doesn’t ‘get lost’ in the rich colours and prints chosen by the interior designers.”

The 14 Alpha Spot 300s are rigged in the corner of the specially powder-coated trussing in the room, which ensures they blend in with the rest of the room’s decor. This demonstrates how little the fixtures affect the aesthetics of a space, highlighting their discrete size and adaptability.

Moreover, the Alpha Spot 300s are a high-quality yet economical fixture. “The compact size of the spotlights coupled with the high output and low cost of ownership makes it an easy choice for this venue,” McInnes adds. “We require the equipment to require minimum maintenance and for the technology to be relevant for a long time. With some other brands, it’s unknown whether the fixtures will last more than two years but with Clay Paky you can be certain that the lighting and venue operators’ lives will be easy. Put simply, Clay Paky is regularly on the top of my list of products to specify. With an excellent reputation for quality and innovation, why would it not be?”