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Clay Paky Unveils New Luminaires at Indonesia Demo
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Indonesia – Clay Paky has unveiled its latest luminaires to major Asian rental companies and TV stations at a demo Jakarta in Indonesia in April.

The Clay Paky Area Manager Alberico D’Amato and the Italian LD Giovanni Zucchinali collaborated with Clay Paky’s Malaysia-based Asian distributor Acoustic & Lighting System for the show, with their newly opened Indonesian branch, which offered end users in the region the opportunity to experience the company’s latest breakthroughs in lighting technology.

On show were Clay Paky’s A.Leda K10 and K20, the Alpha Spot QWO 800, the Alpha Spot 700 HPE, the Alpha Wash 1500, the Sharpy, and – making its debut in Asia – the new Sharpy Wash.

“The sixty or so rentals companies and TV representatives were incredibly impressed with the quality and features of all of Clay Paky’s new luminaires,”
says Acoustic & Lighting System’s Eugene Yeo. “We received very positive feedback, particularly praising the silence level, brightness, and the smoothness of the mechanisms in all fixtures.”

Eugene confirms that the South East Asia market is growing significantly for Clay Paky as rental houses and end users race to invest in better luminaires to match international standards.

“The Asian market is still slightly slow in adapting latest technology in shows as compared to the western country, but Clay Paky has steadily built its name back to the top level,”
continues Yeo. “We are working to penetrate developing country like Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand where continental lights are always less dominant. With more education and close collaboration with Clay Paky, we are achieving great things.”

Alberico D’Amato,
Clay Paky Area Manager for Indonesian Asian Pacific market, comments: “Clay Paky is always delighted to support and work alongside our partner companies to service this market and ensure it has the right product for the right job. The explosive growth of this sector only serves to demonstrate that quality luminaires are now more a necessity than a luxury for many.”