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Clay Paky at Prolight+Sound

ProLight+Sound proved once more to be an important reference point in Europe for all international dealers in the sector with 110,000 visitors, up on 2008. Clay Paky met the new technology challenge square on by presenting its Alpha 700 line (Spot HPE, Beam and Wash) at Frankfurt for the first time in the world, along with the new long-throw Alpha Beam 1500 and Alpha Wash 1500 LT spotlights.

The new lights attracted a large number of local and international visitors to the Clay Paky stand, whose fresh “open” design made it easy to receive them and host informal gatherings.

The Clay Paky global sales network met in large numbers in a conference room in the fair complex, where Pio Nahum, Company Sales and Marketing Manager, presented the new products from a technical and commercial point of view. After this, Marco Zucchinali, Internal Clay Paky Lighting Consultant, revealed the staggering performance of the new lights with an in-depth live demonstration.

Pio Nahum explained that a multipurpose location was chosen away from the stand to receive dealers and trade workers in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere since it “makes in-depth demonstrations possible and increases the usefulness of meetings. We will do it again, wherever possible”. After the sales network meeting, there was a press conference, in which representatives from the main international trade publications took part.

The Alpha 700s were warmly welcomed by all dealers. What astonished everyone was that these products are a perfect combination of market needs that are not normally compatible: they are small, light, fast and bright.

The Alpha 700s are the result of advanced miniaturization. Clay Paky has been able to compress the most sophisticated optical, mechanical and lighting technologies into a small light body. Seven hundred watts have been enclosed in a twenty-kilo body only fifty centimetres in size, with the same luminous efficacy as spotlights with considerably higher power ratings!

In addition to this, they move with incredible speed and acceleration. This performance is exclusive to the Alpha 700 line. It was achieved thanks to new hardware and firmware that ensure high precision control over the three-phase motor, with immediate response to the control signal. The compactness and lightness of the head emphasize the agility and acceleration of its movements.

No compromise has been made on the rest of the features: Alpha 700s have the same richness and purity of colour, the same creativity and speed of effects, the same precision movements and the same environmental sustainability aspects, which are extremely important in today’s world. The Alpha 700 series stands out for its power savings, low running costs, use of safe environmentally sustainable materials, remarkably silent operation and ease of maintenance.

The 1500 line long-throw lights, designed for use in stadiums and arenas and at large events, were also on show for the first time at Frankfurt. They produce a lot more light than would be expected from their rated 1500 watts and also offer unrivalled graphics, chromatic and movement capabilities.

The Alpha Beam 1500 is a new concept Beam Moving Light that produces a super-concentrated solid parallel beam. They are particularly suitable for use as ACL lights and are equipped with two gobo wheels, CMY + colour wheel, patented focusing and a vast range of effects and creative ideas.

The Alpha Wash 1500 LT is the first washlight in the world created specifically for long-throw applications. It is equipped with all the features needed for adding perfectly uniform colour, even at long distances, thanks to a wide linear CMY zoom + linear CTO + colour wheel, and beam shapers that change the appearance of the beam.

The Alpha Beam 1500 and Wash 1500 LT are also perfect examples of echo-friendly technology with their significant power savings.