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Claypaky demonstrated the brilliant engineering of its Xtylos laser-source lighting fixtures at a dynamic invitational event held by another engineering innovator in Silicon Valley.

Bicoastal Studio RRD used a large complement of Claypaky Xtylos provided by Christie Lites to transform an empty office building into a spectacular futuristic, cyber-style rave to mark the announcement that Tesla Motors will base its global engineering and AI headquarters at the former Hewlett Packard Enterprise campus in Palo Alto, California.

Cutting-edge lighting fixtures, such as Xtylos, Minuit Une lasers and other units, crafted a remarkable, out-of-this-world rave atmosphere for invited guests celebrating the headline-making news.

“We incorporated Xtylos fixtures in an exterior courtyard visible through the office windows to create an immersive experience that transported guests to a different realm,” explains Rob Ross, Founder of Studio RRD, which handled lighting and production design for the event produced by ExposureNY.  “The Xtylos were a perfect choice as their far-reaching beams could be spotted from afar as guests approached the site, giving them a glimpse of what awaited them.

“To achieve this effect, it was crucial for the beams to display a range of colors, not just white, and Xtylos was the only fixture available capable of doing so.  Guests parking in the lot witnessed the colorful beams emanating from the center of the building and igniting their excitement about the space ahead.”

Ross and his team placed the Xtylos fixtures on the courtyard floor to showcase their impressive upward reach and ensure that they were visible through the office windows.  The Xtylos beams shot upwards and extended far into the sky – a captivating sight for guests approaching the event.  This look enhanced the overall ambiance of the space and created a mesmerizing visual display that left a lasting impression on the guests.

“What sets Xtylos apart from other fixtures is its ability to deliver vibrant colors as effectively as it does white light,” notes Ross.  “While we are all familiar with white beams reaching high into the sky, the sight of more than 30 brilliantly colored beams spanning the full spectrum, from cheerful yellows to cool blues, was truly awe-inspiring. This impressive feat was a testament to the Xtylos’s exceptional design and engineering, making it an ideal choice for creating stunning visual displays in a range of settings.” Studio RRD had no issues with the fixtures’ performance, which Ross calls “outstanding.”  Everyone in attendance was thoroughly impressed by the striking array of colors and effects the Xtylos units produced.

Claypaky’s support for the event “was truly exceptional,” Ross adds.  “Their team exhibited a remarkable willingness to assist us throughout the entire process from obtaining our own variance to addressing on-site programming inquiries.  They were with us every step of the way going above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.”