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Claypaky and Illuminate Productions shine at Kingdom Invasion 2017
Lighting Designer
Mr. Huang Muen
Glorious AV
Photo Credits
Illuminate Productions
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SINGAPORE—Illuminate Productions provided creative and technical production once again for Kingdom Invasion 2017. Almost 10,000 people from 37 nations converged upon Singapore’s Changi Expo from 14-17 March for the popular Christian conference now into its 5th year, with over 10,000 more tuning into the live stream on the final night of open meetings.

Lights for the show were newly purchased and supplied by Glorious AV. They arrived on time and brand new, in boxes straight from the factory. The total fixture count amounted to 24 Claypaky Scenius Spots, 48 Claypaky Sharpys, 24 Claypaky A.Leda B-Eye K20, and over 100 channels of generic fixtures.

Claypaky once again proved their worth, with a low failure rate and a solid performance. Mr. Huang Muen, creative and technical director of Illuminate, loved the Sharpys. “I’ve used imitations on shows in China,” he recalled, “and working with the originals shows just how much of a difference they make”.

“The colors of the Scenius Spots were fantastic—they achieved good pastel colors which wowed the audience,” Mr. Huang said. In addition, the high CRI proved to be useful for broadcast cameras, with the images turning out very well.

Mr. Huang says that he looks forward to using Claypaky in future productions. “Everybody was raving about the lighting!” he recounted. “This choice confirms our belief that good lighting makes a real difference to a show. We are blessed to be able to use Claypaky”.


Kingdom Invasion Conference,

Technical Production – Illuminate Productions Pte Ltd,

Equipment – Glorious AV,

Production & Lighting Designer – Huang Muen