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Claypaky announces a new setup for its distribution and service network in Greece. As of January 2023, Alessandro Colangelo, Claypaky Sales Manager and Business Development Manager, is taking direct charge of the rental market: this includes the use of our products on tours and at events, concerts and performances of various kinds and sizes. Since Alessandro Colangelo descends from a Greek family, he can interact with the market in the local language. His aim is to select a few businesses in the area to deal with as direct clients if they meet certain criteria and to direct the other rental customers towards the most appropriate dealer.

Telmaco S.A. is now in charge of the fixed installation business for both Claypaky and ADB brands. The company has been active on the Greek market since as far back as 1975. Over the course of fifty years, it has increasingly specialized in the broadcasting business and, in 2005-2006, it became equipment and service provider for the Greek State TV (ERT). In recent years, Telmaco has also carved out a large share of the AV and lighting systems market for theatres, cultural centres, concert halls and opera houses.

GM Pro Tech Support, located just a few kilometres from Athens, is instead the new Service & Official Provider for Claypaky and ADB products. George Mourtas and his team will provide a prompt service and spare parts throughout Greece and Cyprus thanks to years of experience in the field.

Alessandro Colangelo had this to say: “We believe that, with this new organizational arrangement, our presence in Greece has moved significantly closer to the Greek market, both in terms of the products we offer and support we provide. Our clients can depend on our utmost professionalism, speed and efficiency for all their needs. We count on soon being able to take on new business, which has been unexplored up to now.”