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Claypaky lights at the inauguration of the new façade of the Bergamo Provincial Police Headquarters
Lighting Designer
Giuseppe Cividini, Milleluci Light Designer
Milleluci Light Designer
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The inauguration of the new façade of the Bergamo Provincial Police Headquarters took place on 10 December 2020. The façade was based on drawings done by students at the Giacomo e Pio Manzù Art School and the work was made possible thanks to the generosity of local businessmen and foundations.

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, the inauguration took place in the presence only of the highest public officials in Bergamo. The Chief of Police and Director General of Public Security Franco Gabrielli attended the whole ceremony, which could be followed live on the DTTV channel BergamoTV and was streamed on the Bergamo Provincial Police Headquarters Facebook page.

Claypaky, which is based in Seriate near Bergamo, contributed to the event by providing the lighting effects that illuminated the façade and projected the new graphic motif in the colours of the Italian flag. Four B-Eye K20s and a total of 53 Claypaky GlowUps were used. Thirty-six of the Claypaky GlowUps were arranged on three semicircular trusses and synchronized in such a way as to simulate a flag in the wind using coloured light.

The colours of the flag were also reproduced on white sheets of canvass using six more GlowUps at the entrance. Lastly, other units were used to light some areas inside the building, all with the approval of the Chief of Police of the Province of Bergamo Maurizio Auriemma. This temporary installation was commissioned by FasolMusic and rigged by the Bergamo-based company Milleluci Light Designer, who had this to say: “Claypaky’s GlowUps are remarkable. We have been using them for many years now on an ongoing basis and they have allowed us to come up quickly with countless lighting installations with a very small investment in terms of time and money.”

GlowUps are portable, battery-operated LED lights, which do away with the need for electrical connections and unsightly cabling. The light comes from heavy duty RGBW power LEDs which last for thousands of hours, in keeping with energy saving and environmental sustainability requirements. They are intelligent moving lights. Users may choose a sequence of colour and shade changes from the several pre-programmed inside the light, which the unit then performs totally automatically in a synchronizable way.