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Claypaky Mythos2 Beam Up  Gian Marco’s Colourful Shows
Lighting Designer
Gianfranco Di Vitto
M&M Shows Eirl
Photo Credits
Raul Umeres
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Peru – Latin pop-rock royalty Gian Marco performed three sell-out shows at Lima’s Gran Teatro Nacional del Perú in October, backed by an array of Claypaky Mythos2. The colourful and dynamic lighting was designed and operated by Gianfranco Di Vitto, who specified 35 Mythos2 rigged in a seven-line array behind Gian Marco and his band.

At the core of Di Vitto’s design were powerful beams of striking colours, creating fast-moving shapes and patterns on the stage.

“I needed a versatile fixture that would allow me to create a different look for each song – one that would really wow the audience,” says Di Vitto. “The Mythos2 offers a high intensity output with incredible beam quality.”

Behind the Mythos2 rig, Di Vitto – who has been Gian Marco’s lighting and set designer for 25 years – specified 27 LED panels that loomed above the stage, hung in erratic patterns.

“The light beams had to be able to cut through the brightness of the large amount of video wall space, and it goes without saying that the Mythos2, with their outstanding light beams, did just that,” he continues. “When the Mythos2 started to move, along with the LED video panels, seemingly changing the shape of the stage, they created a big visual impact. In fact, it made the crowd cheer!

“I love the variable angle of the spot. I can have a wide-angle spot and a very sharp beam in a single fixture. Its CMY colour mixing is a perfect tool, with smooth fade changes. Mythos2 is the reliable choice because of its smooth performance and high intensity output. I think it’s the best fixture on the market in its class.”

The performances supported multi-Latin Grammy Award-winning Gian Marco’s new album, Intuición.

“Gian Marco’s a huge star in Peru. Lima is his hometown and his fans expect a big show,” says Di Vitto. “I had to ensure we didn’t disappoint!

“In these shows, we had ballads that needed between 10 and 20 seconds of fade between colours along with Latin pop melodies that needed fast colour change in mid-air. Mythos did a perfect job of both.”

In addition to the Mythos2, 11 Claypaky Sharpys were rigged upstage. These were mounted on a truss at floor level, which could be raised to achieve a range of looks.

“The Claypaky fixtures are my choice because they make real what I had imagined for the music,” Di Vitto concludes. “They will work from the beginning to the end as magic wands. Great mechanics, smooth movement and colour mixing. I’m very glad we had them to do our job.”

The Claypaky fixtures were supplied by rental company M&M Shows EirlNovolite Screen & Light is the Claypaky distributor for Peru (