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Claypaky relaunch back into the UK & Ireland with CP Wave
United Kingdom
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CP Wave Ltd is the newly formed UK & Ireland’s official partner for Claypaky, with on the ground sales, service, and support as standard. The aim is to structure a dedicated Claypaky team, by having skilled local personnel.

As a result of this renewed go to market, Claypaky inform that, with effect from 1 February 2023, A.C. Entertainment Technologies is no longer the distributor of Claypaky products for the UK and Ireland.

Alessandro Colangelo, Claypaky Business Development Manager and Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland states: “Our focus is to meet the high expectations of our customers in such a respected and important market. Claypaky will proactively support CP Wave team, thanks also to our renewed structure and corporate strategy. We have foreseen a challenging business plan in the mid-term as we strongly believe in CP Wave project, but most of all in CP Wave people, whom I’m confident will deliver the very best service to our customers. Being CP Wave an invested extension of Claypaky, we believe it embodies all the necessary values to properly follow up the heritage of our brand without forgetting the current needs of the market. It is therefore vital to endorse the relaunch of Claypaky in UK & Ireland to this new go to market that will proactively propose our broader and innovative product portfolio, having the maximum care about our customers.”

Alessandro Colangelo continues: “CP Wave can count already on an outstanding team of skilled professionals in all mentioned areas of sales, product & innovation, service. The team is only in a start-up phase with the ambition to grow rapidly. Everybody is thrilled to be part of this project of renovation and closer proximity of Claypaky brand in the UK & Ireland markets”

Cally Bacchus, CP Wave Investor, comments. “Investing in our future is about investing and believing in our people. I am proud to be supporting in a project that has the up-and-coming industry professionals. “

Ben Linwood, Technical Support & Development for CP Wave comments: “The timing of the current product launches makes this a prime time to be working with such a prestigious company. “

CP Wave and Claypaky are holding a showcase event for all to see and in celebration of the new partnership. The event will be held on 23rd of March 2023 at the Crowne Plaza in Marlow (SL7 1GJ), with many advanced and innovative Claypaky products to be tested live thanks to the assistance of the Claypaky and CP Wave engineering staff. It will be a great opportunity to see our fixtures – from the tiniest and most efficient Mini-B Spot to the absolute key theatrical light Sinfonya, passing through our increasing IP rated range, growing laser-engine Xtylos family, Tambora & Volero effects families and a couple of surprises. This event will be also the opportunity to present each team member of CP Wave to our welcome participants. We will give you more detailed information in the coming weeks.

Teams from CP Wave and Claypaky will be attending this year’s TPI Awards on the 27th of February. And exhibiting at Plasa Focus Leeds on the 9th and 10th of May, at ABTT Theatre on 7th and 8th of June and at Plasa Show London on the 3rd to 5th September 2023. In each trade exhibition, we will have at least one dedicated product launch for the UK market.

In addition, CP Wave will be touring the UK and Ireland with a busy schedule, with the aim of bringing and showcasing advanced technology of Claypaky fixtures directly into the hands of the industry professionals.

All CP WAVE reference info reachable on the dedicated website: